Worldwide Access and 140+ Languages

To meet the needs of companies engaged in operations around the globe, Syntrio Lighthouse Services offers 24/7/365 worldwide hotline access. Features and benefits of our global hotline services include:

Locally Compliant

Our hotline program fully integrates and complies with country-specific protocols and laws around the globe. We tailor our hotline program to meet the requirements of every nation in which you conduct business.

Ease of Communication

You won’t have to worry about communication or language issues, regardless of a reporter’s country of origin. All our hotline reports are communicated to our clients in English after being translated from over 140 available local languages. Foreign language web submission forms are also included at no additional cost.


We’ve designed our worldwide hotline to be as convenient and user-friendly as possible. Employees will have access to both a toll-free number which is available from almost anywhere around the globe, eliminating long-distance phone charges, as well as foreign language web submission forms.

Privacy Protection

We make the protection of employees’ personal data our top priority. We adhere to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework developed by the Department of Commerce in coordination with the European Commission. The framework offers guidance for U.S. organizations regarding providing adequate protection for personal data from the EU as required by the European Union’s Directive on Data Protection.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) was created to regulate how companies protect EU citizens’ personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation standardizes data protection law across all 28 EU countries and imposes rules on controlling and processing personally identifiable information. As such, because Lighthouse Services operates within the EU and our clients may process EU citizens’ data, our services comply with the Regulation.


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