Digital Suggestion Box

Your employees are an invaluable source of input that can help your organization stay connected. Workers on the “front lines” can serve as the eyes and ears of an organization – but only if they believe that leadership encourages and appreciates their feedback.

If you are a current Services Lighthouse Services reporting hotline client, you have access to a convenient tool to cultivate your employees’ ideas. Our online digital suggestion box, available as an add-on to your existing hotline web pages, allows your staff (and stakeholders) to submit their thoughts via the same robust platform they’re already accustomed to using. You’ll find our digital suggestion box to be an extremely effective tool for keeping the lines of communication open.

Engage Employees with Our Digital Suggestions Box – Take a Test Drive Now

Benefits of our online digital suggestion box include:

  • Receiving input you can use to improve work processes and create a better work environment for your staff
  • Fostering an enhanced sense of team spirit that can lead to increased productivity and improved morale
  • Boosting the level of employee engagement, resulting in higher job satisfaction
  • Demonstrating to your employees that you encourage and appreciate their contributions
  • Helping to create a sense of ownership, workers will realize they can effect positive changes that impact their jobs and, by extension, the entire organization
  • Providing better service to your customer base
  • Seamless integration with the Lighthouse Services Case Management System

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