How to Protect Whistleblowers Against Retaliation

Despite the negative connotations that are often associated with whistleblowing, employees who report misconduct are providing a valuable service to their organizations. Research indicates that whistleblowing is the most effective method for detecting fraud – according to a study conducted by the Association of Fraud Examiners more than 40 percent of fraud incidents are uncovered […]

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The Role of the Board of Directors in Ethics and Compliance Program Oversight

A successful ethics and compliance program requires an organization-wide commitment – particularly at the senior management level. As the Federal Sentencing Guidelines indicate, the organization’s governing members must “exercise reasonable oversight with respect to the implementation and effectiveness” of E&C initiatives. The board of directors plays a vital role in establishing the ethical tone at […]

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Empirical Evidence That Reporting Hotlines Deliver a Strong ROI

Over the past two decades, reporting hotlines have become indispensable corporate governance tools implemented by organizations of all types and sizes. By enabling employees to report misconduct and inappropriate behavior anonymously and confidentially, hotlines are instrumental in detecting fraud, negligence, abuse and other potentially harmful activities. Further, a well-crafted whistleblower program comprised of a hotline […]

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Tips for Fortifying Your Cybersecurity Efforts

Concerns about cybersecurity are at the top of the list for organizations of all types and sizes these days. All it takes is one significant data breach to cripple – and possibly ruin a company. Besides the severe financial and legal consequences (fines for noncompliance, violating the new GDPR regulations, lost business, paying reparations to […]

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