Secure Case Management System

Syntrio Lighthouse can save you time and labor costs by including our powerful and efficient Case Management System (CMS) at no additional cost. The CMS is a secure, web-based tool that allows you to manage and collaborate on all your hotline reports and investigations.

With our CMS, you can track every issue from a report’s receipt through its resolution, allowing you to optimize investigations, reduce administrative oversight, ensure due diligence, and create an audit trail.

With CMS, you can:

  • View the report online at your convenience
  • Assign the incident to the appropriate party for investigation
  • Set the risk level, priority, and status of reports
  • Record follow-up and outcome notes
  • Anonymously dialog with the reporter
  • Generate reports and charts to help you track activity and analyze trends
  • Create customized fields
  • Generate an audit trail for added internal control
  • Attach digital files to a record
  • Link reports with common characteristics
  • Search the database using keywords and date filters
  • Permit multiple users
  • Send messages to system users
  • Add internal incidents not submitted through Lighthouse
  • Quickly respond to a reporter with our Quick Response feature
  • Integrate your data using our API feature
  • Efficiently train new users with our how-to help file and tutorial video
  • Customize both system and user settings
  • Customize security settings with enhanced features
  • Set incident report status reminder notifications

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